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Nature always provides healing helpers

Nature always provides what you need.

A pack of Javelina appeared near the dog park today – 11 of them. I only caught the last one with my camera crossing the road after dropping my phone.

Javelinas are considered the spirit animal of the Southwest and, often, messengers from the spirit world. They are very fast when they wish to be and need to be respected when in packs. They are also said to be able to see and speak to the future. For those who speak with the animals they can be wonderful allies when working with spirit medicine or preparing for the future. Interesting there were eleven – a powerful number and my birthdate. They carry good luck – good light energy – and a promise that all will be okay in difficult times. So is the lore around these fascinating animals.

Javelinas are nor directly related to any other animals – being a distinct species, but they are now considered most closely related to wild pigs rather than rodents as science previously thought.

A friend at the dog park welcomed my two canine relatives and offered to watch them while I sought out the javelina pack after I told her of my sighting of them. Her dogs and mine have their own pack. And she knows how strongly I connect with animals and always seek their assistance when doing healing work. So off I went.

I found them in an open area of coarse grass and red rock. I carefully – VERY carefully approached, not getting too close. When you can smell them you know to go no further. They stink from always marking their area. I sat on a rock edifice and watched as they dug in the ground. Soon I felt the connection and their medicine. I stayed about 20 minutes connecting with these animal seers and then slowly rose and backed off. A feeling of great peace overcame me as I did so, so I stopped and send them thanks and sprinkled some sage on the ground as a spiritual gift for their time.

A tip… Got some healing to do? Please consider some immersion in nature every day.

~ Jim Graywolf