About Jim


Jim Graywolf Petruzzi is a shamanic medicine and earth medicine practitioner, life coach, intuitive psychotherapist, spiritual guide, ceremonialist, wedding officiant, indigenous and spiritual, public speaker, storyteller, teacher/tutor, animal communicator/healer, grief counselor and creative writer.

Jim has acquired his knowledge of systemic living from naturand e, indigenous elders, and
through University degrees and has spent the last 45 years working in and with nature as a
healer and teacher as he traveled the world learning from elders and educators. His primary
indigenous teachers were Lakota and Mayan, but he also lived with Australian aborigines,
African Garifuna and Celtic teachers. Jim is Romany Gypsy by birth, his blood is Italian and gypsy.
His grandmother taught him visionary skills before her leaving. He is also a member of the United
Western Lenape tribe as well (Chief Ambassador) – due to his Native American blood. A true
‘mongrel’, he loves to create programs and transformational systems for people by pulling from the
cornucopia of cultural teachings he has acquired. He coined the phrase “energetic alchemy” to define
how he created the trainings and programs people have been asking him for. He takes the ‘iron’ nuggets
of knowledge he has acquired, adds his own knowledge and understandings, mixes them together
magically and ….. often – gold emerges… thanks to his teachers and ancestors. When asked
about the knowledge he has harvested from the many things he has immersed himself in. He likes to
acknowledge all the mistakes he has made along the way since they were all wonderful teaching
resources for my clients and myself.

I am honored to offer my talents in whatever ways they may assist you in your healing and growth.
I feel it’s time to offer as much of my acquired wisdom as possible in these chaotic times of change.
On the following pages, I will offer the skills and talents I find people are asking me for often now
and invite you to reach out and book what you need or contact me with any questions. I work with
individuals, but I also work with small and large groups that I will make available. Thank you for
hearing me. I hope to work with those ready and willing.

“Wisdom from the past magically stirred with knowledge from the present as a catalyst to transform your future.” ~ Jim 




Expanding spiritual practices
The Buddhist monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery in India finished their teachings today with an offer for attendees to take the vows of Buddhism. I felt ready to add another sacred spiritual practice to my journey. So, with deep honor and respect, I add Buddhist to my being.
Now is the time to also add as much spiritual energy to our lives as possible so we can apply all that spirit to the changes we need on Earth.
~ Jim Graywolf