Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing – Earth Medicine


I was taught spirit medicine and shamanic healing by my spiritual teachers for many decades. My DNA is Romany Gypsy – Italian, Native American and a smattering of other lines. My grandmother was a medicine person in Italy before coming to the U.S. The Romani lands and people, as well as Northern India and Nepal, are the birthplaces of shamanism. All shamanic medicine – whether for body, mind or spirit – depends on nature and the Earth for much of its power – its “medicine”. In addition to my grandmother I have been blessed to have Native American, Mayan, aboriginal, Garifuna and Celtic teachers. I take all these teachings and skills acquired through decades of travelling to and living with these teachers and mix them with the Shamanic heritage of my grandmother and bring them to individuals or groups facing particularly difficult issues.

For those dealing with less impactful health issues I work with the Earth Medicine alone and help bring them to a place where the healing can begin. Whatever approach is needed for each situation I work with the people in pain or fear to create the right mix for them. I find myself turning to shamanic medicine often these days with all the overwhelming issues we face as individuals and communities now. My forty years and heritage make me respect and treat carefully this medicine. I spent all those years in the jungles, mountains, deserts and elsewhere to bring these healing gifts forward now.