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The Program

Hi again everyone! This page lists some of the ways to contact me and places to pay me for any services or products you wish to buy. Free events and classes will be listed on the events page. A portion of all paid projects, courses, healings, events, etc. is donated to my non-profit, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM)… a nature-based healing and teaching nonprofit. The SOTEM Youtube is listed below – hundreds of videos for you to use and enjoy.

Here’s how I am expanding the work I do with all the people who find me in this global time of change. I will offer many free courses and teachings both on-line and in the physical realm near my home in Sedona, Arizona… as well as other places when I am on the road. I’ll work with all of you who join me to determine what these offerings will be as they are needed over time.

For those seeking deeper personal work I am available for bookings. Some book me in one of my areas of expertise a few times – some weekly or more often. Again, as they feel the need or as we determine together. I also work with groups wishing to learn more in an area I offer my time and skills in.

To become part of this living, growing, thriving community is simple – just fill out the name and email boxes found on most pages. I NEVER share or divulge any information. I DO use the information to send periodical newsletters with events and courses and – hopefully – useful thoughts and tips. Thank you to those already with me and welcome to all who join in now!


Most of my offerings listed on the various pages of this website I charge $111.00 an hour for Рmuch lower than many providers, but enough so I can pay the rent and help support my non-profit work. A few services I offer I work with the client to determine what they want Рsuch as when I serve as a wedding officiate. Or when I combine various competencies. I offer a free 30 minute zoom or phone call to discuss your issue(s) and/or answer questions. Missed scheduled appointments and appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before the appointment time are billed for the time reserved. 

Free Offerings

When I offer a course or event for free I always “put the blanket out” – allowing for donations of what participants can afford. These I donate to SOTEM. So, we have three levels of listings… free, donation and fee paid. I took this model from many others. It is a model I experienced as I travelled around the world living with and learning from elders of many cultures. The skills I was gifted by so many were directly by the people whose families and cultures carried for generations. For 40 years I worked and trained¬† – still do. My shamanic training was conducted by elders in the jungles and on the mountains over years – never to be taken lightly. I use it as the basis for all that I provide. Working with the client we make a “soup” of knowledge from myself and other elders – sometimes I ingredient, sometimes many. That was how I was trained and it provides the best outcomes for all. I always work to find and help the client heal the causes of disease or dis-ease, not just medicate the symptoms. I will speak to this more on a zoom call soon.

I will also explain more about our work together and additional ways to be connected to our journey forward in healing and joy, but this gets us moving. Most know me as Jim Graywolf and this website is Graywolf Healing. We are the pack.

~ Jim Graywolf, Jan. 11, 2023


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