White Buffalo Drum Circle for Healing, Peace and Love

White Buffalo Drum Circle for Healing, Love and Peace
Sat., 2/25, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Sedonya Conscious Living Center
120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336
The Drum Circle this Sat. has grown in intention. We have 90 circles around the globe drumming with us. Tantanka Ska, White Buffalo, the sacred healing white buffalo hide will join the Grandmother Drum, Thunderbird Rising, to bring powerful healing energy into the room. The drum and her sister drum have traveled around the Americas and to Europe leading healing ceremonies of joyful drumming. Now she lives here in Sedona.
The White Buffalo hide was activated by a wonderful young woman who Walks With the Buffalo about four months ago (we hope she will be with us Saturday). Now drum and buffalo are working together to bring peace, love and healing. Let’s create this together so each of us receives healing as we broadcast love around the globe. Bring what needs healing for yourself, others, and the Earth.
For those not in the area, connect with us energetically – we will be sending the healing out… as will all the other circles.
Christopher Wesselingh will be anchoring in New Zealand, Hazel Revington in Ireland and others elsewhere.
Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, nonprofit, is sponsoring this healing evening with the gracious support of our friends at Sedonya. We respectfully ask for a donation to support the Gathering of Elders event planned at Sedonya in October. Suggested donation – $20.00, but give from your heart whatever you are able. Help us bring the elders here.